Now that's my girl!

I must admit - Emma Watson is my second "it" girl of the moment (right after Beth Ditto). I know she's played only in one movie, but who cares? She's got such a nice, British style and seems to be...hm... how should I put it?... Normal? And here's an example - her statement regarding celebrities' fashion lines:

"I’m really not interested in doing it for my own ego. I’m not a designer. If someone asked me to do something that was beneficial to a cause, then maybe I’d consider it, but not just [to be able to say] ‘Look at me! I’ve got my own line!’[It’s] gotten so ridiculous. The idea of making my own perfume makes me want to vomit."

I might even consider buying the Elle UK.

(Plus I like Harry Potter. Or maybe I shouldn't be confessing that?)

source: wwd.com

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