More and more of Lily Allen

Next celebrity who's goal is to become the "it" girl in fashion. To my mind she's trying too hard to pretend like she doesn't care what she's wearing. When asked how she decides what to put on, Lily replied: "There are generally three factors - what's clean? What's going to make me feel fat and ugly? How many photographers are there outside my house? Usually I'll just wear trousers and a T-shirt or a dress for meetings. I've only worn my £6,000 Prada dress three times so far."

Yes, this was said by this person:

Anyway, seems like Karl L. prefers her style over Beth's. He shot Lily for the newest Chanel accessories campaign (loosing weight definitely has helped her).

Brand: Chanel (Coco Cocoon bags, jewels and other accessories)
Season: F/W 09/10
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Model: Lily Allen
source: tfs

The note was inspired by her new video:

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