I <3 The Cut

After some rumors stating that US Vogue will refresh its image due to the crisis (the ad sales are dropping and the upcoming September issue is going to be as skinny as Anja Rubik), NYMag's blogger Amy Odell wrote on The Cut:

"What could that mean? Jourdan Dunn has to take maternity leave anyway, but no more Karlie Kloss? That would make us sad, but if we never see another picture of her against a gray backdrop jumping as though a spider fell down her pants, we won't be devastated. But no more Mario Testino? No more Annie Liebovitz? No more silly spreads inspired by Pimp My Ride or visiting the eye doctor? Might they deign to shill outfits that only cost as much as a new armchair instead of a new hybrid vehicle? Those would all be refreshing changes. But our greatest wish for Vogue is that they stop using Photoshop to turn their cover subjects into humanoid versions of themselves."

The rest of the text is over here. BTW, the lady on the left - that's Amy.

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