"September Issue" HD trailer

New trailer of the "September Issue"* has been recently released. The movie is going to be a bomb, but I don't think it'll change people's view on Anna.

*The movie is telling a story of preparation of the largest magazine issue ever published - September issue of US Vogue, focusing mainly on the editor in chief - Anna Wintour. "September Issue", directed by R.J. Cutler already won the Grand Jury Prize for Excellence in Cinematography at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. It's planned for theatrical release in both US and Europe in September 09.


Emma Watson in Teen Vogue

emma watson vogue teen 2009 august

With the new
Harry Potter film upcoming, we will see the teenage actors starring in it more often in the media. And this applies especially this young lady - 19-year-old Emma Watson playing Hermione, who appeared recently in the Burberry FW 09/10 campaign and now graces the cover of Teen Vogue. I like the girl (talking smart), I like the surroundings, I like the clothes. The only disadvantage I can find is the text-overloaded cover.

emma watson vogue teen 2009 august

emma watson vogue teen 2009 august

emma watson vogue teen 2009 august

emma watson vogue teen 2009 august

emma watson vogue teen 2009 august

emma watson vogue teen 2009 august

Teen Vogue August 2009
Emma Enchanted
old English Country manor
Norman Jean Roy
Emma Watson
source + bigger pics: teen vogue, tfs

How Beth Ditto made my day

As you may remember Beth Ditto met Karl Lagerfeld during Paris Fashion Week. They posed together to dozens of pictures and did a little chitchat in front of the media, but the love between the both has not been mutual. Karl was presumably even doing some fat-phobic jokes backstage.

beth ditto karl lagerfeld

Beth made a comment on that in the recent
Scotland on Sunday: Do I enjoy standing next to Karl Lagerfeld? Yes, that was totally surreal and f**king cool. What if, come tomorrow, he hates me? Well, I don’t really care because he’s not my friend. It’s not like a break-up. He’s just a person who makes dresses for me sometimes. (...) I wouldn’t say he’s a really cool person but he’s a really cool artist. I appreciate a lot of art by really sh***y people. And I’m not so weak to think that this is going to last or they’re going to love me forever.
source: Scotland on Sunday, pic: glamour.com


Anja Rubik - Vogue Nippon August cover

anja rubik vogue nippon cover august

Another Vogue cover for Anja. Glad to see her getting some magazines' attention, even though it's a couple of years too late. The picture was taken by Inez and Vinoodh and will appear on the cover of August issue of Vogue Nippon. Generally speaking I don't like it, but Anja's legs make it work.
souce: tfs


Heidi's doll

heidi klumHeidi, who's been recently trashed by Karl, is getting a "don't worry" present. The German supermodel was recognized as one of the most iconic blonds in entertainment and is getting her own doll as a part of Barbie’s Blonde Ambition Collection (you can already order the toy over here.) The doll costs $45 and will be shipped as of October. To me - doesn't look like Heidi at all.
source: MyFashionLife, pic: style.com


Cause everybody needs vacation

I'm there having a lot of fun. Be back on soon.



I've recently written a text on nude models on magazines' covers, but now I see that I could've waited two days more for this coquettish (god, I love that word) July issue of GQ.
One may like Sacha Baron Cohen or not, but you have to admit it - he's got a pretty nice body! And regarding humor - well, depends on what you like. Myself, personally, I still quote Borat from time to time with my former flatmate.

bruno gq
"Hey, Brüno, I recently started collecting unemployment. Any style tips for someone on a tight budget?
Times are hard, but if you shop around und are prepared to vear some things twice before throwing zem avay, it is still possible to look good on a clothing budget of about $20,000 a veek. Ich mean, obwiously you vill need a bit more zan zat if you are planning on leaving ze house.(...)

Dear Brüno, where should I be putting my iPhone? The wife says the belt clip is totally out, But it looks like a tuna sandwich in my pocket. Anyplace else?
Vhat ein stupid question. Keep it in your assistant’s pocket, obwiously."

More lovely pictures and the rest of the article here.

E-mail alert: Jimmy Choo teams up with H&M

jimmy choo h&m shoes fall collection
"This autumn, British accessory brand Jimmy Choo will bring its international glamour and covetable shoes and bags to selected H&M stores. The collection will be available from November 14 in around 200 stores across the world. It is the first time that H&M is collaborating with an accessories brand, and to celebrate Jimmy Choo will extend its design vision for this collection to women’s clothing to complement the accessories. Further exciting news is that this collaboration includes a men’s collection of shoes, bags and accessories."
source: H&M newsletter, pic: tfs


2009 CFDA

So here is the list of this year's winners:
  • Accessory Designer of the Year: Proenza Schouler
  • Popular Vote Award: Ralph Lauren
  • Menswear Designer of the Year: Italo Zucchelli for Calvin Klein and Scott Sternberg for Band of Outsiders (tie)
  • Swarovski Award for Menswear: Tim Hamilton
  • Swarovski Award for Womenswear: Alexander Wang
  • Swarovski Award for Accessories: Justin Giunta for Subversive Jewelry
  • Womenswear Designer of the Year: Rodarte
2009 CFDA
If want some more details, visit WWD.com for a short article and a lovely slideshow.

Agyness Deyn quits modeling?

agyness deynAgyness Deyn is rumored to quit modeling and NY and come back to the UK to continue with her acting career. "She said it's so boring and lonely hanging around studios all day, she's not enjoying it anymore. She's got an acting agent and told them she wants to get involved in interesting British indie films."

And Agy already found herself a new British b-friend - musician Miles Kane: "She was really flirty with him and he seems to really like her. They will definitely be hanging out more when she moves back to the UK."
source: mirror, pic: style.com


Missoni S/S 09

The models don't look themselves, the make-up is very heavy and the poses unnatural. But who cares? Steven Meisel and a stylist Marie Amelie Sauve did good in bringing back some of the 50's spirit.

missoni s/s 09 campaign meisel sauve
missoni s/s 09 campaign meisel sauve
missoni s/s 09 campaign meisel sauve
source: tfs (pictures in the thread not in order)

Brand: Missoni
Season: S/S 09
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Models: Natasha Poly, Isabeli Fontana


Four man and fashion

david beckham emporio armani underwear
  1. Embarrassed: On Thursday a giant Emporio Armani Underwear & David Beckham fall campaign poster hang in London. The event gathered so many fans, that the London police had to be involved. Beckham stated later: “When the pictures are unveiled it’s a bit embarrassing.” A little bit surprising statement for a person doing Emporio Armani Underwear campaign for the fourth time. (source: WWD.com, pic: zigazig-ha.com)

  2. Annoyed: Alex Bilmes, GQ's Feature Director clearly doesn't like fashion world. On his blog he wrote: "Beth Ditto is a fat lesbian. She's also a fashion "icon". Hilarious, isn't it? I love fashion people, I really do. They're so... how do I put this? Stupid? Yes, that's it. They're so stupid. Here's what happened: stung by criticism of their unhealthy obsession with rexy supermodels, they hit back by lionising a pathologically exhibitionist 16 stone woman from Arkansas. Clever, huh? That'll get the feminazis off their case. How can anyone say they only promote thin women when they are so enamoured of a porker like her?" I recommend to read the rest. (souce: GQ's website)

  3. Mean: Attack on Heidi Klum, episode 1234. Heidi has been receiving negative commentaries from German fashionistas (Karl Lagerfeld among them) as of publishing of this cover, being called "too heavy", "bling bling" and many more. But now Lagerfeld referred to the private life of the bombshell, specifically her husband, Seal: "I am no dermatologist but I wouldn't want his skin. "Mine looks better than his. He is covered in craters." (souce: The Sun)

  4. Helpful: Roberto Cavalli dressed singer Mariah Carey for the 75th anniversary celebration in Apollo Theater (8.06). And Mariah almost scored a big fashion blunder when a photographer stepped on the dress. As per the rumors she was so afraid that the dress was ripped off, she went to VIP seats to Cavalli to ask for help. He did go with her to a dressing room, although it was not revealed whether he had to or not repair the thing. (source: WWD.com)


Chinese dream of Hawaii

Russian model + beach + sunset = sounds overrated? It may indeed, but look at the pictures below.

akrans selezneva vogue china
akrans selezneva vogue china
akrans selezneva vogue china
akrans selezneva vogue china
akrans selezneva vogue chinaThe editorial comes from the upcoming Vogue China. The light, the female touch (Akrans), the place - everything in it is so (too?) perfect, but it's not bothering me - just makes me miss vacation even more.

Vogue China June 2009
Title: Enchanting Hawaii
Camila Akrans
Anna Selezneva

Credits & more pictures: kazaf @ TFS


Why do people think that models are stupid?

Chanel Iman attended yesterday a party celebrating Kanye West's "top 25 women in fashion" list (yes, I'm confused too). Although, theoretically, she wasn't one of the lucky 25 ladies (she came there to "support her friend" - Kanye), her presence will be surely remembered because of this short interview for NY Magazine.

My two favorites below:
Where do you want to be in a couple of years? A glamour woman. Just glamorous.

What do you think men look at when they judge fashionable women? I say boobs and tits. I also say the eyes. I think the eyes are very seductive.
(Picture also taken from the NYMag.com website)

Vera Wang in DWTS?

As E! News is reporting, Vera Wang has signed up to be a contestant in the 9th, up-coming edition of the American "Dancing with the Stars". If so, as of September 21st we may be able to watch this 60-year-old former Vogue editor and most famous wedding dress designer in the world - dancing! And Vera has a big chance of winning as for years she has been trained as an ice-skater (another figure skater - Kristi Yamaguchi - won the 6th edition).

However, for this time being ABC has not given any comments on casting, so we're still waiting for an official announcement.

vera wang nowohucianka