How Beth Ditto made my day

As you may remember Beth Ditto met Karl Lagerfeld during Paris Fashion Week. They posed together to dozens of pictures and did a little chitchat in front of the media, but the love between the both has not been mutual. Karl was presumably even doing some fat-phobic jokes backstage.

beth ditto karl lagerfeld

Beth made a comment on that in the recent
Scotland on Sunday: Do I enjoy standing next to Karl Lagerfeld? Yes, that was totally surreal and f**king cool. What if, come tomorrow, he hates me? Well, I don’t really care because he’s not my friend. It’s not like a break-up. He’s just a person who makes dresses for me sometimes. (...) I wouldn’t say he’s a really cool person but he’s a really cool artist. I appreciate a lot of art by really sh***y people. And I’m not so weak to think that this is going to last or they’re going to love me forever.
source: Scotland on Sunday, pic: glamour.com

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