Four man and fashion

david beckham emporio armani underwear
  1. Embarrassed: On Thursday a giant Emporio Armani Underwear & David Beckham fall campaign poster hang in London. The event gathered so many fans, that the London police had to be involved. Beckham stated later: “When the pictures are unveiled it’s a bit embarrassing.” A little bit surprising statement for a person doing Emporio Armani Underwear campaign for the fourth time. (source: WWD.com, pic: zigazig-ha.com)

  2. Annoyed: Alex Bilmes, GQ's Feature Director clearly doesn't like fashion world. On his blog he wrote: "Beth Ditto is a fat lesbian. She's also a fashion "icon". Hilarious, isn't it? I love fashion people, I really do. They're so... how do I put this? Stupid? Yes, that's it. They're so stupid. Here's what happened: stung by criticism of their unhealthy obsession with rexy supermodels, they hit back by lionising a pathologically exhibitionist 16 stone woman from Arkansas. Clever, huh? That'll get the feminazis off their case. How can anyone say they only promote thin women when they are so enamoured of a porker like her?" I recommend to read the rest. (souce: GQ's website)

  3. Mean: Attack on Heidi Klum, episode 1234. Heidi has been receiving negative commentaries from German fashionistas (Karl Lagerfeld among them) as of publishing of this cover, being called "too heavy", "bling bling" and many more. But now Lagerfeld referred to the private life of the bombshell, specifically her husband, Seal: "I am no dermatologist but I wouldn't want his skin. "Mine looks better than his. He is covered in craters." (souce: The Sun)

  4. Helpful: Roberto Cavalli dressed singer Mariah Carey for the 75th anniversary celebration in Apollo Theater (8.06). And Mariah almost scored a big fashion blunder when a photographer stepped on the dress. As per the rumors she was so afraid that the dress was ripped off, she went to VIP seats to Cavalli to ask for help. He did go with her to a dressing room, although it was not revealed whether he had to or not repair the thing. (source: WWD.com)

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