So not sure about this....

Here is a snap from the newest Pucci campaign. In the picture - Mariacarla (Maria Carla?), shot obviously by Jurgen Teller. Yes - obviously. And this is why I am not so sure about this ad.

Well... the point is that Teller's style matches so well Jacob's clothes. They are modern, always something new, but here we've got Pucci, which always looks like it comes from '60. OK, even if I exaggerated a bit, you must admit, that the power of Pucci is it's color. And what means color in Teller's photography? I suppose - not much.

On the other hand this is just a good campaign and good pictures. Mariacarla poses well, I like the clothes and the main idea of the photos (although it is definitely not something new). But actually I liked this collaboration of Boscono and Teller better. But yes - good shots here.

For a comparison, here are some pictures taken from some other Pucci's campaigns. And the first pic - also shot by Teller - just looks less-Teller, more-Pucci. The following two come from the campaigns shot by Inez&Vinoodh.

Source: fashionspot


Natalia, my love

Singingpickle at Modelcouture published all those beautiful covers with Natalia Vodianova. There is over... over 70 of them! Absolutely must-see, so exciting.


Karl Lagarfeld tee

Isn't that totally cute? The combination of Karl's image and manga inspiration looks so good on this t-shirt! You can get it at British Urban Outfitters and - watch out! - it's on sale (£9.99)! If you adore Karl and Chanel, but cannot afford buying his clothes, well, that's the perfect way to show your admiration.

Source: Catwalk Queen, Nylon


3 trends which are still "it"

Recent haute couture was full of dramatic looks. Lots of costume-like dresses, bright colors, science-fiction inspirations, weird hairstyles... But that is exactly what haute couture is all about, isn't it?
Here is what I chose - three trends, that appeared a few seasons ago, are still dominating runways and which we can easily adopt to normal everyday look. All the pictures come from the fall 2008/09 haute couture.
  • Focus on shoulders
From the top: Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab, Armani Prive, Valentino, Anne Valerie Hash
  • Warrior woman
From the top: Givenchy, Anne Valerie Hash, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Wide belt in waist

From the top: Christian Lacroix, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier


Stunned - Atalier Versace fall 2008

OK, guys, I am terribly sorry for this almost-one-month-lasting break. I was immersed in exams, moving back to my parents' house, moving from my parents' house a week later and a new job. Thank you for all the e-mails.
And so today I went through the newest collections and... I am simply stunned with this one.

I think since this collection Donatella is getting better and better. She used to use gold in such a trashy way, now look at those colors (with a little bit of bling - what would be Versace without it?). But Donatella puts more emphasis on shapes rather than colors and materials. And so they are sophisticatedly simple and fresh, but still very feminine. And the collection is perfectly modeled by Georgina Stojilkovic.
Of course, the gowns are available by appointment only. Can't wait to see them on the red carpet.