So not sure about this....

Here is a snap from the newest Pucci campaign. In the picture - Mariacarla (Maria Carla?), shot obviously by Jurgen Teller. Yes - obviously. And this is why I am not so sure about this ad.

Well... the point is that Teller's style matches so well Jacob's clothes. They are modern, always something new, but here we've got Pucci, which always looks like it comes from '60. OK, even if I exaggerated a bit, you must admit, that the power of Pucci is it's color. And what means color in Teller's photography? I suppose - not much.

On the other hand this is just a good campaign and good pictures. Mariacarla poses well, I like the clothes and the main idea of the photos (although it is definitely not something new). But actually I liked this collaboration of Boscono and Teller better. But yes - good shots here.

For a comparison, here are some pictures taken from some other Pucci's campaigns. And the first pic - also shot by Teller - just looks less-Teller, more-Pucci. The following two come from the campaigns shot by Inez&Vinoodh.

Source: fashionspot

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  1. wole tellera. wydobywa z pucciego wlasnie cos oprocz koloru. inne sa zwykle, wrecz czasem zalatujace tandeta.