Vanity Fair's Best Dressed

Vanity Fair has released today on its website preview of the annual International Best-Dressed List - officially it's going to appear in the September issue. Celebrities included on the List are divided into a couple of categories like f.ex. "[Fashion] Professionals" (with Tory Burch), "Couples" (with Natalia Vodianova and Justin Portman) or "Hall of Fame" (with Catherine Deneuve). Not only almost no Hollywood stars appeared the List (exceptions: Brad Pitt and Anne Hathaway), but also Anna Wintour didn't make it.

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  1. Fascinating... I'll have to check this out. I'm actually glad a lot of Hollywood stars didn't make it.... most of them don't really dress for themselves but have a stylist, so it's not really fair to begin with.

    Oh, and good luck with moving to Paris! If you have any other questions about the city (even if not related to shopping), let me know! I only moved here beginning this year myself, but I'll be glad to help :)