Prada for W

Honestly, I don't like Prada. Not the brand, nor the lady. I'm prejudiced towards any woman not using make-up (I'm dead serious). So pardon me if I'm not the most objective person commenting her thoughts from the newest W (yes, it's this issue with Kate Moss on the cover).

pradaOn models falling down during her SS 09 show: "I liked it. It made the show more interesting." Well, no, it didn't. It basically showed that Prada shoes are unwearable. If professional catwalkers have problems walking in them, potential customers will not try. Unless they want to have a nice collection to watch only.

On economical crisis in fashion: "When you say 'commercial,' it shouldn't be an insult, like something is not beautiful. It has to be best in the sense that [it's] really what people want to wear to look beautiful and elegant [in]." Hold on, hold on... Didn't you just express your happiness over the fact that people can't wear your artistic, non-commercial shoes and now you want to be commercial, because we have the crisis?

On dressing up: "It's important that you feel right, so I use an instinct at the last pradamoment. What I think is unbearable is to wear something that we don't feel comfortable in. It's completely, totally psychological. One dress you felt so happy in for that day and that occasion, you put it on in another moment and all the magic is completely disappeared. There is a very tricky [relationship] between the occasion and your mind at that moment." Good advice if you have more then 20 big-moment-dresses in your wardrobe and you choose whichever you feel "comfortable in" 5 minutes before going out. Not everybody is that lucky.

And my fav, on criticism: "I don’t believe that anyone is not bothered by critics. I think that everybody cares." Absolutely true. So why are you still claiming that you enjoyed models falling down in shoes designed by you?

Mean me.

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