Dior is not going to have Fall 09 campaign

...fine, not exactly, but close. The brand changes its advertising approach due to the financial crisis and big loss in profits. Sidney Toledano, Dior CEO has announced (temporary) end of typical seasonal campaigns featuring professional models and a big move towards long-lasting campaigns with celebrities: "Now we have to give more meaning. People are looking for iconic products and they want to see a product representing the values of a company."

diorThat's why Dior focuses its efforts (and money) on Lady Dior handbag campaign with Marion Cotillard by Peter Lindbergh (last year, above) and Annie Leibovitz (now, below). In parallel to advertising in fashion magazines, the campaign is also run in the internet with one film released in May and the second one to be released in December.

I'm really curious about the outcome. We are used to continuous or similar campaigns - season after season (like f.ex. Madonna for LV), but not to campaigns lasting for more than a couple of months. Plus one can see more visible shift towards internet advertising, which is cheaper and relatively effective - perfect combination in difficult economical situation. Furthermore, I'm wondering whether using Cotillard (expensive) instead of a professional model (cheaper) will have an impact on sales results. If so, we may soon expect similar formulas used by other big fashion brands.
source: fashionologie

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