Favorite spring trends 2008 (3)

This time - dots. If well used, they can be original and stylish, but I get sick when I see hundreds of teenage girls walking on the streets with either red or black ballerinas with white dots. I wouldn't wear dots as a main part of clothing, just on accessories. Some ideas: Dior tie, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, Wet Seal bracelet, Paul Smith rings (OK, I know, they are not exactly dots;)), Chooka Signature rain boots, Aeropostale bag, Betsey Johnson sandals.

Don't they remind you of summer? Here are some more inspirations. From the left: Betsey Johnson, Marni, Blumarine, Valentino, Givenchy. All of them, of course, from SS08. I love especially the last set - girlish dots with powerful Givenchy look.

Sources: style.com, eluxury, nordstorm, Aeropostale, Wet Seal


  1. od jakiegos czasu unikam kropek z powodu opatrzenia, ale masz racje, na akcesoriach dzadza sie lubic ;)

  2. Ile krooopek ! Ta torebka,którą zamieściłaś-jest świetna ! Osobiście kropki/kropy/groszki/kropeczki mi nie przeszkadzają.I nawet podobają mi się niektóre ubrania z motywem kropek :) .