Lily Cole's new profession

Lily is indeed a renaissance lady - does so much, it's hard to follow up:
  • She's a model - obvieusly
  • She's an actress - you'll be able to see her in the up-coming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus starring next to such actors as Heath Ledger, Christopher Plummer or Johnny Depp
  • She's a charity worker/environmental activist - being involved in Global Angels Children's Charity, WaterAid and Environmental Justice Foundation
  • She's a student
And how she's become a designer. She will join Katherine Poulton, Alice Ashby and Isobel Davis to design a collection of knitwear for a brand The North Circular (with a cute slogan "Knitted by grannies, supported by supermodels").

source: Sassybella, more here

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