London Fashion Week guidelines

Although fashion is a huge market in the UK (Topshop, Evans, Biba, Dorothy Perkins and many, many more), the London Fashion Week is considered to be not as prestigious as Paris, New York or Milan. People say that it's rather chaotic and not well organized - but it should be no surprise as it was always heading more towards avant-garde rather than mainstream. "London Fashion Week is still a celebration of anarchy, creativity and sheer bloody minded can do-ism; still a place where new names get their first breaks" states Lisa Armstrong in Who's who in London Fashion Week article for The Times.

And it's hard not to agree. But this also brings one big negative - the London Fashion Week was never about big names. Then if you are an avant-garde ignorant and out of all the designers signed for LFS you know well only Christopher Kane and Betty Jackson - the above mentioned article is just for you.

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