Anna Wintour is #1 again

With the September Issue movie and her presence in Fashion's Night Out campaign, there was no other option. Although the Vogue sales dropped by 26% comparing to last year, she's just won 2009's Most Powerful Fashion Magazine Editors countdown by Forbes. They took into consideration the following factors: number of unique users monthly at the magazine's website, advertising revenue, number of advertising pages, circulation and hits on Google (of the name of the editor).

Nevertheless, this year due to the difficult situation in both magazine and fashion markets "each editor's public relations power struggle could be a race for survival rather than a battle for the throne". What does it mean to us? Well, basically, that the magazines should/will do a bigger shift towards relatively cheap on-line publicity. In the countdown this was considered to be Anna's biggest weakness: "While Style.com is a popular site within the fashion industry, it's failed thus far to reach a mass audience."

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