Lindsay finally got a job

Lohan was chosen to become the face of an Italian brand Fornarina last May and here are the results. I wonder why most of the websites call the pictures "sexy". Regardless Lohan's acting skills and her personal life, in the past she mainly did very good campaigns for high quality brands (Donney & Bourke, Miu Miu, Jill Stuart), but this time neither the pics nor the clothes are impressive. On the other hand, Fornarina has chosen a perfect model for their customers - "the Hollywood celebrity testimonial of the brand. Young, beautiful, eclectic, with great talent and a great personality, Lindsay Lohan immediately appeared as one of the few in the show-biz able to represent the glamorous style of Fornarina." Just one doubt from my side - isn't she wearing black, edgy clothes all the time in her real life? Plus I don't get the point with no facial expression.

More here.

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