Madonna 2.0

She is talented, gorgeous and stylish. Fashion designers love her vintage look. She wears "anything fruit" as she says. It's Katy Perry - young sensational pop singer with quirky, pinup style.

Katy has been already unofficial muse of Betsey Johnson, but even Karl Lagerfeld is one of her fans (gave her Chanel LBD). She is very much into pinup style of 40's, but also neon, rock star look of 80's. Her stylist Johny Wujek says about the new star: "Katy loves to push the boundaries and be her own colorful self. She once told me she wanted to look like an ice cream cone, so I got her a Jeremy Scott dress that's actually an ice cream cone." Oh yes, Katy loves themed dressing-up.

Her style is as interesting as some lyrics of her songs. Both "Ur so gay" and "I kissed a girl" generated huge buzz in the music world. Not only because the lyrics are controversial themselves, but also because Katy grew up in a Christian household as the daughter of two pastors and even released a religious album in 2001. You must admit, a huge change in this girl must have happened.

But above all that, she seems to be nice and funny 23 year-old (see videos from her concerts) with this potential to become someone big, not just for one season, in both - fashion and music world.

Links: her blog, her myspace.

Source of the pics: Katy's flickr

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