Ils (ne) sont (pas) fous, ces Français!

To my mind French are number one nation when it comes to style. Scandinavians are individualistic, New Yorkers - modern, Japanese - eccentric, Italian - sexy, but only French can take a little bit from all the listed features and still look so classy. That's why I am a huge fan of Garance Dore and other French street style websites plus wardrobe blogs, of course.

Of course, it's my opinion, but nobody can argue with the fact - France is definitely the most important country when speaking about fashion's history. Little black dress, "The New Look", polo shirt, miniskirt, bikini and many more - not even mentioning the parts of wardrobe from the past (like redingote or polonaise) - everything created by French designers.

And you can see that even when saying the names of different parts of clothing. Here are a couple of examples (English, Polish or both) of fashion words coming from French:

Béret: beret (eng), beret (pl)
Espadrilles: espadrilles (eng), espadryle (pl)
Cravate: cravate (eng), krawat/krawatka (pl)
Jupe plissé: skirt plisse (eng), spódnica plisowana (pl)
Robe chemisier: szmizjerka (pl)
Robe princesse: princeska (pl)

Any other examples?

And on the pictures - deux parisiennes - Louise (picture taken from the Sartorialist) and Betty (taken from her wonderful blog).

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