Vogue Paris June 2008

Oh, well... It seems like the idea of putting black people on the cover has dominated some editors' minds. We already had LeBron in US Vogue and the "all black issue" of Vogue Italia recently. OK, I get the idea. The readers are not all white blond blue-eyed girls, so I guess there should some variety also on the covers. If so, what about Asians, Latinos and all those biracial models? Think about the most popular Brazilian girls: Raquel Zimmerman, Caroline Trentini, Gisele Bundchen... They're all blonds of European descent, but coming from multiracial society. And how many Asians do we have on the runways? Just a couple of them: Hye Park, Du Juan, Ai Tominaga, maybe a few more.

So why am I writing all of this stuff? Because it seems to me that Carine Roitfeld organized a little competition - which cover is going to sell better - the one with Noemie Lenoir or the one with Laetitia Casta? They're almost the same age, both French, both actresses and models, wearing the same Chanel dress, standing in the same pose, having the same make-up. The only difference (except the hairstyle) is the skin color, of course. Pictures taken by Mario Testino.

The next thing - "Ca, c'est Paris" editorial. I'm honestly so disappointed. The pictures were taken by Peter Lindbergh and I was hoping he'll do a better job. Maybe it's because I'm tired of all this "strong woman" and "women love women" image. Or maybe because the snap from the bottom reminds me too much of that and comparing Sasha, Natasha, Lily, Doutzen and Catherine to Naomi, Linda, Tatjana, Cindy and Christy is just ridiculous (how would you call them - post-supermodels?). Or maybe because the editorial is just bad. Or maybe because I don't like the entire issue. Too bad.

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