Carolina Herrera

I'm madly in love with this woman's style. And I totally agree with some of her quotes:
  • "Mystery is one of the most important qualities a woman can posses, a woman who is an open book is boring."
  • "I love the idea of elegance and intricacy, but whether it is in a piece of clothing or a fragrance, the intricacy must appear as simplicity."
  • "You get sick of things that are too avant-garde, you take it out of the closet six months later and wonder what you were thinking." (Everybody loves slow fashion;))
  • "Many women are afraid of being called glamorous today, because they don’t want to be called old-fashioned. Women connect glamorous with being old-fashioned, and would prefer to be called modern and chic."

More vintage pictures of Carolina here.


  1. Ikona stylu,która swoimi fantastycznymi kreacjami kreuje nowe ikony.

  2. jeśli chodzi o jej kolekcje-to bardzo je lubię.Są zawsze z taką nutką elegancji.Świetny nagłówek!!