Yves Saint Laurent - Top-Earning Dead Celebrity

Yves Saint Laurent has recently obtained World's Top-Earning Dead Celebrity title winning by far with such people as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley or John Lennon. Although the fashion designer died in June last year, it didn't prevent him to gain $350 000 000. Actually, it helped him doing so, as most of his art collection was sold out postmortem this February and the profit was given out to charities. For comparison - no2 in the countdown belongs to Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, who earned over $100 million less then Saint Laurent.


  1. Wow, I had no idea... fascinating. I'd have thought that Elvis would be right up there, but considering how much YSL stuff has been auctioned, I guess tha tmakes sense...

  2. I Had Nooo Idea., I Would Have Thought Coco Chanel