Back in time

Did you know that in the beginnings of fashion photography the designers feared it as it could lead to stealing their ideas? Plus it was always connected with celebrity photography as most popular models were nobles, actors, singers or any other artistic souls, as one had to be something more than good looking to influence other people's taste. Fashion wasn't universal - fashion was for rich and so was fashion photography.

The picture was taken by the first fashion photographer in history (or at least one of them) - Adolf de Meyer. Actually, he could be a celebrity himself as he got married to a bisexual goddaughter of Edward VII, while having affairs with men. He worked for Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar almost up to the World War II. The picture below comes from the beginning of his career - 1918. The person shown is Rose Dolores, a Broadway actress.

Stolen from here. You can find more here.

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