Playboy France

I wanted to choose my favorite cover of June for the blog. So I looked though the FashionSpot forum listings, but I couldn't find anything that I'd really like. Except that one. The cover comes from the French edition of Playboy. And in the picture - Anouck Lepere - a Belgian model, that we all remember from, for example, this year's Jimmy Choo ads. You can find her ed here. I think she's stunning and perfect for Playboy, but above all of that - looks so confident with her body.

I'm so positively surprised with everything I hear about the French edition of Playboy. Last year they managed to nab Karl Lagerfeld to shoot Vahina Giocante. Furthermore, this March they featured Lou Doillon. It looks like Playboy France is becoming less Hefner-like, more fashionable-like, even if it doesn't show almost any clothes at all.

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